S-518 5 line laser with a Center Dot (4V1H1D) It is precise Pro Mode with 360 Degree coverage,Achieve working range of 70m w/receiver. Excellent Accuracy!Extremely Reliable!
 Good for All Purpose Installations!

Package: Package: Laser in Aluminum box packaging

Application Suggestions:
-Pictures, Shelving, Coat hangers, Decorative Items Hanging
-Door, Windows Installing
-Appliances Leveling
-Woodworking Projects
-An upper cross-line for ceiling work

Working range, m: 20
Working range with receiver (max.), m: 70
Self-leveling range, ± °: 2.5
Weight (kg) : 0.9
Features: 4 vertical lines, 1 horizontal line, 1 plumb dot
Laser class/ wavelength: 2(<1mW)/635nm/line, 650nm/dot
Accuracy, mm/m: +/-0.1mm/m
Working temperature, °C: -10~40 Celsius degree
Lock Function (Incline line projection): No
Leveling Signal: Line "Blink" Signal
Dust/ water protection: Aluminum case with spong interior, a pair of laser protection glasses, a level standard card and a nylon belt
Power Supply: 3 x 1.5V (type AA)
Diode Brightness Options: 5mW
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