Slim 600mm Tile Cutter

1. Weigh only 5kg. Comes in a handy canvas bag. The real portable tile cutter.
2. Die-Cast Aluminum Base with cutting length of 24''
3. Straight cut with tiles up to 15mm thick, diagonal cut with tiles up to 10mm thick.
4. Double solid 45# steel rails for extreme stability
5. Adjustable rule with multiple angles reading. 6. Convenient for diagonal or angle cuts
7. Extension arms to support larger tiles
8. Specially-designed double-layer padding bed for longer lifetime.
9. Replaceable Tungsten-Alloy cutting wheel with Japanese technology has with lifespan of 15km on average, which is 25000 cuts.

Model #: XMA600-2(N)
Cutting Length: 600mm/ 24"
Overall Length: 800mm/ 31.5"
Width: 80mm/3-1/4"
Net Weight : 5.5kg
Packaging (machines/ export box): 4 units/ carton
Export Box Dimension (cm): 87*30*34
Other Suggestions: W8909N