About Us

Woodwell Tools Manufacturing Limited is a foreign capital enterprise registered by Hong Kong Wah Tat Hardware & Tools Limited. Founded in 1982, Woodwell has been serving furniture manufacturers, renovation professionals, and Do-It-Yourself-ers worldwide for more than 30 years.

3 Principles:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Market Trend
  • Technology Integrity

3 Brands:

  • Mujingfang
  • Woodwell
  • Lion
We have three brands to represent various product ranges and meet different regions' needs.

3 Products Range:

  • Woodworking Tools
  • Tile Cutters
  • Digital Measuring Tools
Mujingfang brand is first recognized by its full range of woodworking tools including hammers, chisels, axes, saws, rulers, and planes. With the same standard on quality, Woodwell brand established a professional High Power Tile Cutters manufacturing line and later a professional and DIY digital measuring tools line. Nowadays, Woodwell provides almost all hand tools a trader or DIYer needs, with high quality at a great value.

2 World Records:

Our plane manufacturing site is the world's largest of its kind, comprising an area of 30,000 m2. While the factory was constructed, our workers also crafted the world's biggest wooden plane - straightly out of fun and passion. This 1880lbs tool is now situated at the main entrance of the factory.

ONE World Distribution:

Woodwell products have become not only carpenters and home renovators' best helpers, but also artwork collectors' best treasures. Dominating the Hong Kong market, these tools also stretch throughout Asia and across every continent. Woodwell welcomes prospective distributors. We provide technical and marketing support. Talk to us if you are interested in bringing our products to your country!