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"Your assistance right from my initial enquiry through to the delivery was great and have lost words to describe. Excellent Packaging. Each item was very well labelled. All relevant parts were very well kept together for easy matching with specific tool." - Raman Rao, Australia
"I am artist and making a project with exotic woods. I knew your products for a long time and I am really touched, I love them. I am so proud about my Mujingfang tools and I show them to everybody coming to my studio." - Prof. Dr. Guillermo Aymerich, Artist, Portugal/ China
"I have one of Mujingfang's Singapore plane and it is SUPERB QUALITY, nothing like our local Dakota plane... Plane-wise, I reckon Mujingfang factory makes only BEST QUALITY products, and I need to have 90% of your planes." - Marek, Hobbyist, United Kingdom
"Being someone who for some strange reason loves hand planes and making them work, I was delighted to be given some Mujingfang brand planes last Christmas. The presentation set were nicely made and with some honing and adjusting all worked very well. They are a bit on the small size for my hands and the sort of things I plane but a delight to have.
The small smoothing plane was for me much more useful. It was sharp out of the packet and with some flattening of the blade followed by some honing. The blade was very sharp and held a good edge. The plane body is made of some sort of Rosewood and I took the opportunity to flatten the bottom a little which also polished up the inserted brass strip at the front end of the mouth (something I have never seen before).
In use it performs very well, is nice in the hand and can be used either pulled or pushed and with or without the wooden rod that goes through the body. There is something very special about wooden planes, the way the feel and perform and sound that is totally different from metal ones. Using one that works well is an absolute delight." - Jim Collins, Hobbyist, United Kingdom
"I have many business friends in China. Above all, Woodwell is one of the most reliable business partners for us.
I respect their policy for the quality. They make much of their own quality and also they understand the client's quality standard which sometimes seems even our Japanese typical selfish request. We are appreciated very much that they always positively consider and politely accept our requests which seems superficially a little things but important.
It is a usual thing for business in prosperous or in recession. But I am very thankful for their continuous co-operation in all sincerity at any time. I believe it is not only come from their business policy but also from their humanity.
It is our pride to continue the business relation with Woodwell Woodworking group led by Mr. Man Kit Ho and operated by his efficient staff." - Mutsuhiro Kato, Vice President of KAKURI CORPORATION, Japan
"Let me congratulate you and your team for an excellent customer service extended to me. SERVICE DELIVERY HIGHLIGHTS
Here're some highlights of the delivery:
. Excellent Packaging
. Each item was very well labelled
. All relevant parts were very well kept together for easy matching with specific tool.
Your assistance right from my initial enquiry through to the delivery was great and has lost words to describe.
Overall great service
Once again, my congratulations to you and please pass on congratulations to your team.
I started trial using some of the planes.
Initially, I struggled a bit, as I 'never' used Wooden Planes before, which has different mechanism to Steel-Body planes such as Lie-Nielson, Stanley.
Once I have learned to set up the blade and the wedge, the planing was like slicing a butter cube, it was very good.
With the high-angle and thicker blade almost no chattering/no vibration.
First set of planes...
The customized AH1068 paved the way, by giving me the confidence in setting up the plane correctly. This was followed by KT1004.
The real challenge kicked in....
When I started using AH1088, I was really challenged.
The customised AH1088, though struggled for nearly 15 minutes (it was my fault incorrectly setting up the blade), was perfect once the blade was correctly set up.
Ever since I started hand planing (using Steel-Body planes), it was yesterday when I fully succeeded in a getting a full-length shaving on an EDGE, using this long Jack Plane (AH1088).
For some reason, which I am yet to understand, I was not successful in getting a full-lengh shaving on an EDGE using Steel-Body planes such as Stanley and even the most expensive Lie-Nielson (was attempting Edge-Jointing).
The High Angle Polishing planes were the BEST. As you mentioned in your previous email, the Rosewood is beautiful, both on the Jack and the High Angle Polishing Planes." - Raman Rao, Hobbyist, Australia
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